You’re here not by accident. You haven’t been deceived by your intuition or recommendations of others. We welcome you to the world of the HILDEBRANDT KITCHENS. A brand created for customers who value high quality combined with genuine beauty. Our intention is to change functional objects, everyday use furniture into architectural works of art. Everything designated with the name HILDEBRANDT KITCHENS is ahead of the trends, enhancing the prestige of the interiors, thus improving the quality of life.

We stimulate senses

Each single one of our projects is the result of great efforts. At the end of the road there is always somebody’s satisfaction. It is even greater since we treat each project individually. We would like the satisfaction from possession of the HILDEBRANDT furniture to be even greater. We want the furniture developed by us to be discovered anew every day, while opening drawers, cabinets and using their functionalities.

In the service of beautiful interiors

Individual approach to the designs and innovations introduced to them also involves ergonomics. We make all effort to propose interesting and ergonomic solutions corresponding to the new design. An elegant kitchen is an interior that has an effect on our well-being. Therefore, we should pay special attention to its decor. Its style must emphasise your individuality. The arrangement of furniture, household appliances and additions is also crucial. We take all these aspects into account when creating a design worthy of your interiors – not only the kitchens. Because HILDEBRANDT is…

… not only kitchens

We deal mainly with production and sale of high quality of kitchen furniture. However, we are familiar with all other types of furniture equipment. Everything is the effect of pursue of perfection. The examples of residential and commercial interior decor can be seen in the OFFER tab.

We value professionalism

We call ourselves professional and we cooperate with the best. We base our operation on high class materials, accessories and brands recognised in the country and abroad, such as HETTICH, BLUM, HAFELE, PEKA – KASSEBOHMER, EGGER, INNOVUS, CORIAN. Over 80% of the prefabricated units used to produce the furniture designated with the HILDEBRANDT KITCHENS brand come from Germany, Austria and Italy.

Sometimes it seems to us that nothing can amaze us, but only surprise…

We create for you and your unique interiors,


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